• April 19, 2018
    Great experience for my dog. He got to be a dog and enjoy his friends

    Amy, Union, KY
  • April 17, 2018
    This was their overnight evaluation so they were only there 5 pm to 8 am. Customer service was excellent. Feedback was given about their stay. My only concern was one of my dogs drank a lot of water when we got home so maybe she didn’t get enough to drink or didn’t seek out water?

    Brenda, Florence, Ky
  • April 15, 2018
    I love Allie’s Walkabout. You never disappoint! Great grooming job.

    Darlene, Ft Mitchell, Ky
  • April 12, 2018
    We love Allie’s

    Robert, Crestview Hills, KY
  • April 10, 2018
    We wanted to wait to complete a review until we used a variety of services that Allie’s offered. We have now used the daycare, week long boarding, and grooming, and have been thrilled with each service. Our dog, Ozzy, loves going to Allie’s which gives us such peace of mind when he’s there. Thank you!

    Steve, Fort Mitchell, KY
  • April 9, 2018
    Allie’s is so patient with Piper, who is still getting used to other people, places, and dogs. They have allowed her short periods for visits to help her adjust. Progress updates each visit and very attentive handlers.

    Leanne, Covington, Ky
  • April 5, 2018
    Piper loves goes to Allie’s. When she is there I know she is well loved and cared for.

    Andrew, Union, KY
  • April 3, 2018
    My pups LOVE going to Allie's. On their first visit they warmed up pretty quickly. On their 2nd visit they quite literally drug me in the front door they were so excited! It really gives me a lot of peace of mind to leave my pups where they will be loved and have so much fun when I can't be with them. The facility is very clean and the staff super friendly and helpful. I wouldn't want to take them anywhere else

    Brooke, Hebron, KY
  • March 31, 2018
    Staff are always so friendly

    Grace, Florence, KY
  • March 30, 2018
    I cannot say enough good things about Allie’s! When we drop our dog off we know, without a doubt he is going to be very well taken care of. Knowing you can completely trust your dogs caretaker is such a great, comforting feeling. I tell everyone to go to Allies!! You have a customer for life!!

    Sarah, Independence, Ky
  • March 27, 2018
    Allie’s has been a lifesaver for us! Our (very) big guy, Logan, LOVES to burn off all his puppy energy at Allie’s. They have been patient and understanding of his large breed puppy ways! We have complete faith in their care of Logan while we are at work.

    Jaime, Hebron, KY
  • March 26, 2018
    I love the amount of love the entire staff has for our dogs! I am never worried about leaving Ember!

    Ann, Highland Heights, Ky
  • March 19, 2018
    All staff were awesome with Remy! I could tell they really knew his personality by himself and with the other dogs. It was great to know they were taking such great care of my pup.

    Kelsey, Union, Ky
  • March 19, 2018
    Allie’s is awesome.

    Kenzi, Florence, KY
  • March 14, 2018
    This was my first time officially leaving my dog anywhere professional and I was very impressed. They answered all of my questions and took awesome care of my pup! He loved it and I will definitely count of them to take care of him anytime I can’t take him with me!

    Kelsey, Union, Ky
  • March 13, 2018
    Allie's walkabout is very professional, precise and very well organized. Today was my first time taking my 1.5 year female pitbull Kali to Allie's. She stayed all day for daycare. I called once and they gave me a very detailed update on how she was doing. Long story short, I picked up my Kali and she was happy! I made another daycare reservation before leaving!! I'm at home now and while writing this review Kali is snoring lol..I guess daycare play time wore her out! Win-win for me!!! Thanks...

    Jamie, Covington, KY
  • March 13, 2018
    Uno-lab mix- loves coming here. She starts wagging her tail and wiggling all around the back seat once we pull into buttermilk pk. The grooming services are equally good, she is well cared for ay allies!

    Elizabeth, Covington, Ky
  • March 12, 2018
    Astro and Clyde came home with lots of happy memories to share with their humans. They especially liked how they got to be with each other all day and night. Astro said he really appreciated that he had is big brother with him at all times.

    Lauralyn, Erlanger, Ky
  • March 10, 2018
    I've never boarded my 8 year old Hercules and was very nervous about leaving him with just anyone. They welcomed him and called my anxiety by explaining what all he will be doing while he was there, they also told me when I picked him up how his stay was, told me how he got along with the other dogs that stayed with him.

    Jessica, Florence, KY
  • March 8, 2018
    Rey loves it! We love it! Allie’s is the best place for pups.

    Roxanne, Fort Mitchell, KY
  • March 7, 2018
    Murphy loves coming to daycare. He gets so excited as soon as we pull into the parking lot.

    Kathy, Edgewood, Ky
  • March 7, 2018
    I am extremely pleased with our experience at Allie's. Otto used to hate car rides but now she can't wait to hop in in the morning knowing she's going to Allie's. My only warning is your dog may enjoy being at Allie's more than your own home! When I pick Otto up sometimes she doesn't want to leave with me! The staff is extremely friendly and I can rest assured knowing Otto is being taken care of throughout the day. Allie's is so valuable for anyone working full time who wants to get their dog's...

    Taylor, Florence, KY
  • March 1, 2018
    This was the first time I ever boarded my dog. I was nervous but the friendly staff put me at ease also the facility is nice and clean! It all went well for his stay he will be back.

    Laurie, Covington, Ky
  • February 27, 2018
    Allie’s is top notch! The employees are the absolute best and greet my girl as if she were their own. I know when I drop her off for day care that she is in great hands and there is no need to worry. When I pick her up, they give me a recap of her day and how things went. I would highly recommend them!

    Amber, Alexandria, Ky
  • February 15, 2018
    Both my dogs seemed to be very happy when we picked them up from the evaluation night.

    Diane Huber, Ft Wright, Ky
  • February 12, 2018
    Allie's is AWESOME! My dog literally goes crazy as soon as he finds out he's going, and literally drags me through the door when we get there. He wouldn't do that if he didn't love it there.

    Toby, Crescent Springs, KY
  • February 12, 2018
    The girls appeared to have a great time during their trial stay and I was happy to hear they got along well with the other puppies! I'm excited to have them stay there in the future

    Emily, Pikeville, KY
  • February 3, 2018
    Love that I can have a Ember groomed while she’s at daycare! The grooming services are second to none! Always so pleased!

    Ann, Highland Heights, Ky
  • February 2, 2018
    I’m a trifecta customer... daycare/boarding, grooming, and dog training. LOVE this place and would recommend to everyone!

    Debbie Mollette, Fort Thomas, Ky
  • January 11, 2018
    My boys looked awesome. They were happy and didn't seem stressed out which made me feel good.

    Michelle, Dayton, Ky
  • January 2, 2018
    Kuma was so excited to come back and play with his friends after his evaluation stay. He was tired afterward but was super happy!

    Taylor, Lexington, KY
  • December 27, 2017
    Thank you so much for your excellent care of our dog. I don't think Mary was aware of how much she was tipping you and I would like to add an additional $20 to that gratuity. Could someone give me a call to set that up? Cell 859-916-0444 Thanks, Kevin

    Kevin, Covington, KY
  • December 10, 2017
    LOVE Everyone at Allies! Dropping off Captain today had an added bonus to have pics with Santa!! Allie's donations for the Santa pics went to The Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP) with Shelter Dog Photography taking such great pics..my heart is so full of love for the Clegg family and employees of Allie's Walkabout for everything they do and how awesome to pay it forward! THANK YOU God Bless! Happy Holidays!

    Kim, Ft Mitchell, KY
  • December 6, 2017
    Allies is a wonderful place! My lab starts singing when she sees we are pulling into the parking lot

    Elizabeth, Covington, Ky
  • November 30, 2017
    Birdie was exhausted after her overnight. And, believe me, that's not easy to accomplish! She seemed to have a great time. She's looking forward to returning next week!

    Robin, Fort Thomas, KY
  • November 24, 2017
    We have been using Allie's ever since our daughter recommended it after she took her dog there a few years ago! She was very happy with the care so We have been using Allie's ever since then! We think the owners/workers are AWESOME!!! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this facility!!! ❤️❤️❤️No worries while we are gone!!!

    Barb, Hebron, Ky
  • November 15, 2017
    I started taking my Yorkie to Allies a couple of months ago. He is a rescue dog and was not social, did not seem to take to other dogs or people. I was reluctant to put him in doggie daycare but he fit in at Allie's from day one! I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did! I am continuing to take Thor there for day care and also he has boarded there and done wonderful! He has made friends and seems happy and well cared for when I pick him up! Would highly recommend Allies!!

    Jackie, Fort Mitchell, ky
  • November 10, 2017
    Nice job on Rudy's first groom.

    Kate, Crescent Springs, Ky
  • November 7, 2017
    Ollie and Barry love Allie's Walkabout! They can't wait for their next stay in December! Thank you for taking such great care of our babies! Brandi

    Brandi Straus, Florence, KY
  • October 18, 2017
    Hobbes was staying with our daughter Amanda while we were on vacation. Hobbes went to your daycare service a few times while he was with Amanda along with her puppy, Nelly. Amanda said that Hobbes did well and there were no problems. I do want to inform you that when Hobbes returned home he began coughing a lot. I took him to our vet here is SC and he was diagnosed with Infectious Tracheobronchitis , Upper Respiratory Infection. I do understand just like a child who attends daycare, who...

    Charlene, Gilbert, SC
  • October 9, 2017
    Buster always enjoys his stay at Allies. He seems to really enjoy playing with the other dogs and comes home quite tired. The last few times I have picked him up, he has peed in the lobby (he doesn't usually pee when nervous or excited) and when taken outside he goes for 2-3 minutes straight. It seems like he may need more opportunities to go to the restroom. (Maybe he is just so excited playing with the other dogs, he forgets when he is outside??)

    Mary Ruth Kessans, Taylor Mill, Ky
  • October 2, 2017
    Staff was great from initial meeting thru first day evaluation. Talked thru potential leash reactive issues and made us feel comfortable. Facility is great giving dogs plenty of room to run and play. signed up for package and looking forward to sending Henley on a regular basis!

    Ed, Covington, KY
  • October 1, 2017
    This has been about my 5th time leaving Newton in the care of Allie's. I couldn't be more satisfied with all the people that I have had contact with there. They are all so friendly and I believe they really like the dogs. I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else. Thank you Allie's for taking care of my dog!!!

    Lawrence Thomas, Florence, Ky
  • September 28, 2017
    Thank you so much for taking such exceptional care of Winnie. I know she can be timid and take her sweet time warming up to new situations. That's exactly why I chose Allie's. I knew your team would do whatever they could to make the transition as stress-free as possible for my sensitive girl.

    Katie, Walton, KY
  • September 28, 2017
    This was the first time we have left our 2 year old pup with someone and they were so great! I called to check on her and theymade me feel like she was in good hands. They also made sure she was with our other dog the whole time so they both felt good about the situation.

    Sarah, Union, Ky
  • September 22, 2017
    Highly recommend Allies for their high level of care and compassion. My husband passed away suddenly and I needed to know while the family was busy, that our dog, Sparkie was going to get the highest level of care, compassion and playtime possible. That place was Allies. Peace of mind knowing Sparkie had the best of care during this time was really important. We never worried about him and knew he was having fun and was safe. Huge relief. Thank you Allies!!

    Pam Zepf, Burlington, Ky
  • September 22, 2017
    As I searched for a place to board my puppy, I found Allie's Walkabout. I decided to try daycare to get an impression about the facility and immediately fell in love with the staff and facility! After only one day, the staff knew me and my puppy by name at every next visit. They all clearly love dogs and love their job! I've lost count of the number of staff who welcome Ember into the lobby by getting on the floor and giving her pats, kisses and hugs. I work from home, so have no need for...

    Ann, Highland Heights, Ky
  • September 18, 2017
    Allie's takes great care of Copper and makes us aware of how his stay went each time he is in their care.

    Kevin, Covington, KY
  • September 4, 2017

  • August 31, 2017
    Allie met us at the door and all the employees knew Duesy by name after one night!

    Teri, Ft Thomas, Ky
  • August 26, 2017
    My shy, anxious dog has gained confidence and fur buddies from attending Allie's. The care, attention, and group activities are like no other pet care center that I've taken my dogs to. Highly recommend!

    Mary, Hebron, Ky
  • August 24, 2017
    Loved the report and notes from groomer. She found a small bump on side of Taffy and was concerned. She took the time to step out and show me the bump. I called my vet right away and took her in for him to check it out. Happy to report not anything to worry about at this time. Good to know your groomers are paying close attention during the grooming and spotted something I had not noticed myself.

    Patti, Union, Ky
  • August 22, 2017
    Everyone is so friendly. Winter had her own welcoming committee when I dropped her off yesterday. I feel very comfortable leaving Winter in the capable hands of the staff at Allie's Walkabout.

    Yveatte, Cincinnati, OH
  • August 17, 2017
    Winter had a great time! She was totally pooped out after her stay.

    Yveatte, Cincinnati, OH
  • August 17, 2017
    Our puppy Astro LOVES going to Allie's! We took him to Allie's as a puppy for daycare and, from the first day, I knew he was happy going there. He's now 8 months old and he still gets excited turning into the parking lot! The staff are friendly and professional. The grooming service is outstanding. They sponsor "Yappy Hours" at local dog friendly restaurants so dogs and their pet parents can socialize. On top of that, we attend dog training (positive reinforcement) and Astro likes his...

    Todd, Hebron, KY
  • August 17, 2017
    I couldn't be more pleased with the service that we received at Allie's! Our Shih Tzu, Lulu looks great and was very happy after her grooming appointment. For the first time after being groomed she wasn't completely wiped out. She must have loved being groomed at Allie's. We will definitely recommend your grooming service to our friends and family.

    Andrea, Alexandria, KY
  • July 18, 2017
    Staff was very knowledgeable, professional, caring. This facility was unlike any other kennel/boarding facility I have ever used or toured. Truly exceptional!

    Mary, Hebron, KY
  • July 14, 2017
    My dogs are less stressed than going to a regular kennel. I think they have a good time.

    Lori, Lexington, KY
  • July 13, 2017
    Brutus is happy at Allie's.

    Lois, Newport, Ky
  • July 9, 2017
    Can't say enough good things about this place. Doc stayed for a week while we were on vacation. The piece of mind while away, knowing he was being well cared for is priceless!!! I am pretty sure he slept for a week straight when he got home... The staff here are great, friendly and welcoming! The outdoor pools are great....Doc requests a deeper pool if possible

    Todd, Covington, Ky
  • July 7, 2017
    People that cover phone calls on issues could do a better job of understanding issues.

    Sandy, Ft Wright, ky
  • March 2, 2017
    Highest Degree of Care we have ever experienced for Fancy. Far and away the very best. Our dog Fancy starts to get excited when we just ask her if she wants to go to Allie's. When we turn off I-71/75 onto Buttermilk Parkway she starts whining and fidgeting and gets very excited. When we enter the parking lot she is almost beside herself with excitement. She knows exactly where she is and is wired for sound. LOL Absolutely Fabulous Care !

    Jo & Kelly Maloney, Florence, KY
  • January 17, 2017
    Our dog Zen, has BLOSSOMED at Allies walkabout. It has eased anxiety, and he is back to the friendly, gentle oaf he always has been. It is obvious in his play and his attitude at home. So much less fearful. The staff at Allies re very flexible, friendly and kind, and each time we brought him back to Allies he was more at ease. The dogs are safe, and astutely observed....Once when Zen threw up, we received recommendations / education on how we could help avoid "bloat" in Zen (who is a very...

    Siena Kennedy, Ft. Thomas, Ky
  • January 6, 2017
    We LOVE Allie's Walkabout! Bear has an exceptional time when he goes for boarding. I never have to worry about his safety or being alone and stuck in a cage for 22 hours out of the day. He loves getting in the car because he thinks we are going to Allie's! Another important factor is the fact they play together in groups and while they are playing, they are teaching each other how to behave. We have noticed a BIG difference in his "puppy biting" and he overall demeanor. He also sleeps for a day...

    Ryela Braun, Florence, KY
  • December 1, 2016
    HUGE THANK YOU to Audrey! This evening with Trump in town..I was stuck just like the rest of the Tri-State in stand still traffic for 2 hours! Panicked that I would be late to pick up Captain at Daycare, Audrey reassured me not to worry, not a problem, very understanding that many of us would be late and it was OK! ...

    Kim, Fort Mitchell, KY
  • November 17, 2016
    My five month old puppy loves attending Allie's Walkabout! She has met so many dogs and has has a great deal of fun. I found out that it's important to socialize dogs with other dogs at an early age so that they aren't so defensive when meeting random dogs when you're out walking them. The result at the end of the day is the benefit I get...a happy and tired puppy.

    Sue Landman, Lakeside Park, KY
  • November 5, 2016
    Excellent grooming visit for my two!

    Peggy, Highland Heights, KY
  • October 28, 2016
    I loved the care the Julie and Dawn took with my older dog. She looks and smells great after her grooming!

    Jill, Villa Hills, Ky
  • October 23, 2016
    My dogs do not like being boarded and I have my reservations about it as well but not after boarding Bailey and Henry with Allie's Walkabout! My boys seemed happy and tired after running around all day when we picked them up and the grooming was excellent as well! I will definitely be using Allie's again if we board- I know they love my boys as much as I do and the peace of mind while away is worth every penny!

    Ashley, Independence, KY
  • October 23, 2016
    Most expensive kennel in the area.

    Lance Derry, Lakeside Park, KY
  • October 19, 2016
    Thank you so much for taking care of Newton while I was on vacation. I know it was a vacation for Newton also. This was the 3rd time Newton has stayed there and I think he does enjoy being there with the other dogs. What a great place !!!!!!!!!!!

    Larry, Florence, ky
  • October 16, 2016
    We love Allie's. It's so nice dropping your dog off and knowing they are in great hands and get to be out all day. Miller loves going and always comes home worn out from all the playing! I always recommend it to my fellow dog parents!

    Kari, Independence, KY
  • October 6, 2016
    Journey loves to go to Allie's. She is always happy when she gets dropped off. The staff have been wonderful!

    Sheila, Cold Spring, KY
  • October 2, 2016
    Significantly pricier than other kennels in the area but a few more perks than other kennels as well.

    Lance, Lakeside Park, KY
  • September 28, 2016
    Allie's Walk About has a staff that truly cares about the animals in their care. They take the time to make sure Willis is comfortable and well groomed when we walk out the door. Thank you for such great service!

    Brenda Reeves, Taylor Mill, Ky
  • September 2, 2016
    Lily looks beautiful! I very much appreciated the kindness and concern for senior dogs! Knowing extra niceties were done to keep Lily comfortable and not stressed or afraid was very nice. Thanks! I like that appointments are available too.

    Mary, Villa Hills, Ky
  • August 29, 2016
    Thanks for taking such good care of my best friend Newton. Thanks to Julie for giving Newton a good bath and trim. I did get a chance to see Newton through the fence after I dropped him off. I saw his tail waging and knew right away that he was OK. Thanks again and you will see Newton again when I go out of town.

    Larry, Florence, ky
  • August 21, 2016
    We love Allies!! Max loves going to Allies & has a such a great time that when we pick him up he doesn't want to come home. It's so great in knowing that we don't have to worry about Max being mistreated. Allies is great!!!

    Scottie, Independence, Ky
  • August 18, 2016
    First time boarding our two very large rambunctious puppies while we were out of town for a wedding. It made our trip so much more enjoyable, knowing that Ace and Louie were being taken care of. Loved that they got time to play together, outside and inside. When we came to get them the next day, they were worn out and happy. Thank you Allie's staff! We will certainly be back and will continue to recommend to friends!

    Cindy, Crittenden, KY
  • August 16, 2016
    Shadeaux and Rocky had a great time! My only complaint is that they didn't want to come home with me, lol. I loved seeing them give kisses to the staff before they left! And they were EXHAUSTED that night! So thankful for great care for my fur babies.

    Margaret, Ft Wright, KY
  • August 14, 2016
    Courteous staff

    Mary Lou, Edgewood, KY
  • August 4, 2016
    I love taking my dog, Addie, to Allie's. Addison has a lot of social anxieties that we are trying to work through, and since she has started at Allie's we have seen amazing improvement. It never seem to bother the staff how difficult Addie can be, and I truly appreciate that. Most other places would turn her away, but Allie's seems dedicated on helping her become more social and less anxious. I cannot thank Allie's enough for their hard work, and I hope to continue bringing Addie for years to...

    Samantha, Crescent Springs, Ky
  • August 1, 2016
    When I picked Phoebe the Dog up, after boarding her for a week, I was delighted in the way she greeted the staff, (Before greeting me!) and the way she greeted me, when she realized I was there. She was happy and healthy and, although this was a first for us, plainly it will not be the last time I board her there.

    Don, Park Hills, KY
  • July 23, 2016
    The first time that Willis was groomed, Julie, was very very kind and patient. He was scared and in an unknown place. They got along fabulously! We received many compliments after his grooming. I would highly recommend Alley's Walkabout.

    Brenda, Taylor Mill, Ky
  • July 21, 2016
    I appreciate your staff's extra attention to Duffy when he was struggling to socialize. We really were able to relax without worrying about him while we were away for several weeks. Thank you for the individualized care!

    Dori, Cincinnati, Oh
  • July 15, 2016
    The wonderful care and attention Lexi gets from everyone at Allie's Walkabout is priceless. I enjoyed knowing our princess was having the best time on her "vacation" swimming with her fur friends and lounging around the pool everyday. She is now exhausted from all the excitement and fun! I can't thank you enough for the great care you and your staff provided Lexi! Thanks again!

    Vicki, Florence, KY
  • July 14, 2016
    I was apprehensive about leaving Max overnight for his evaluation. He's a rescue dog and although he is lovable with his family, he is often misunderstood when it comes to strangers. I was so impressed with the facility at Allie's Walkabout. The staff was so welcoming and I was excited for Max to have FUN! So much for the doggies to do - slides, swimming pools, play time, nap time. I wish I could stay there! lol! Max passed his evaluation and we are so happy he has a place to stay when...

    Casey, Taylor Mill, KY
  • July 11, 2016
    We have been using Allies for a year. The care is excellent, convenience awesome, and I have been so lucky to have found someone who loves my pup as much. I travel constantly and is very important to have excellent care! Thank you

    Debbie, Crestview Hills, Ky
  • July 7, 2016
    My goldendoodle, Phineas, loves Allie's! He gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot and can't wait to get inside! Everyone there is so nice and helpful and you can tell they love animals. I feel completely comfortable leaving Phineas in their care.

    Misty, Walton, KY
  • July 5, 2016
    Our dog had a happy time.

    Mary, Fort Mitchell, KY
  • July 5, 2016
    I can tell my dog was well taken care because he is so fine when I get him home!! Thank you everyone at Allie's!

    Linda, Covington, Ky
  • July 2, 2016
    We went on a trip back to NY and decided to leave Jethro to play with his friends and it was the best trip we have had. We knew that Jethro would be well taken care of including medications he needed. This place rocks and any dog owner who doesn't at least try their services is really missing out. From a few hours when we have lengthy appointments to a few days when we take a trip, this is the only place Jethro will stay.

    Dan, Crescent Springs, KY
  • June 20, 2016
    Nutmeg and Baxter love going to Allies and we always feel good about the care when we pick them up because we can tell they aren't stressed.

    Stefanie Clarke, Independence, Ky
  • June 15, 2016
    Thanks for her great care!!!

    Kim Bular, Burlington, Ky
  • June 14, 2016
    We love Allies!! From the moment we walked in the door the staff was so friendly & welcoming. I could Max was in a good place & when we picked him up he didn't want to leave.

    Angela, Independence, Ky
  • June 13, 2016
    I love the idea that the dogs have an open area to play. I wish she could talk and tell me what she did at Allie's today. Must of had fun she's fast asleep now!

    Christy, Crescent Springs, Ky
  • June 12, 2016
    I feel at ease leaving Happy at Allie's, where I know he will be well cared for. Everyone knows who were are when we walk in, and Happy never goes through a readjustment period. He is always his usual self. Thank you Allie's Walkabout

    Kimberly, Union, KY
  • June 6, 2016
    Apollo loves to go to Allie's Walkabout! We have peace of mind knowing that he is well taken care of when we travel. We never used to board him, but Allie's has been a great alternative to in-home care.

    Stefanie, Fort Mitchell, KY
  • May 27, 2016
    I was really worried about leaving Jax due to his separation anxiety. After staying at Allies a few times Jax has made a great improvement. Now when we pull in he gets excited and can't wait to play! I have no doubts or fear when dropping him for a weekend visit. It's comforting to see pictures of him running and playing with other dogs. I know he is in the hands of other dog lovers and great caregivers. Thank you Allies for being Jax's home away from home.

    Ashley, Florence, KY
  • May 25, 2016
    Love sending my dogs to Allie's!

    Ashley, Hebron, Ky
  • May 17, 2016
    I began taking my puppy Tiger to Allie's a few months ago and I cannot explain how happy I am with the experience. When Tiger is told he is going to Allie's for the day he jumps up and down like a crazy dog, won't eat his breakfast, grabs his leash and heads for the door! He comes home completely exhausted from playing all day, and this is a puppy with a lot of energy! The place is clean, the staff is wonderful, everyone is so nice, and my dog loves being there...you can't ask for much more!...

    Gina Gray, Cold Spring, KY
  • May 11, 2016
    My dog loves being at Allie's. I know he's well taken care of and he comes home happy but exhausted after a long day of play.

    Stephanie, Villa Hills, KY
  • May 10, 2016
    Just picked up my boy Jethro for his overnight evaluation and was told he did wonderful! I'm so thankful to have found a place that I can take him for daycare when I have all day appointments at the VA and now I know he has a place to stay when we go on trips, before now he was getting stuck inside his crate and it wasn't fair to him. Thank you Allie's and anyone with a dog I will recommend them to you!!

    Dan, Crescent Springs, KY
  • May 4, 2016
    I am a technician for Mella Services and our company was hired to strip and wax the vinyl composite tile at Allie's. At Mella Services we are also certified and specialized in cleaning and eliminating pet stains and odors. When booking with us the management staff asked us if we could inspect the areas for overall cleanliness while there. To do this we use a black light, which will illuminate any organic matter, urine, in the area. To my surprise I found little-to-no evidence of organic material...

    Justin Adcock, Ludlow, Ky
  • April 24, 2016
    This is a great place with a cool startup story.

    Paul, Erlanger, Ky
  • April 17, 2016
    Love the peace of mind knowing she is well cared for!

    Lisa Marshall, Union, Ky
  • April 16, 2016
    We feel that Owen, who has never be boarded before, was well cared for by great care givers.

    Jan, Covington, KY
  • April 15, 2016

    Emily, Hebron, Ky
  • April 14, 2016
    First time visiting so Jethro was dropped off for a bath and nail trim while we ran some errands. When he was finished I received a text message letting me know he was done. His fur had not been that soft since he was a pup! Staff was friendly and ready to help or answer any question we had. Jethro will definitely be going back for some Daycare and eventually boarding at sometime in the future. I gave 4 stars only because nobody is truly perfect.

    Dan, Crescent Springs, KY
  • April 12, 2016
    So glad to have a place like Allie!s to take my fur babies to when we go out of town! It is a HUGE peace of mind to know that they are so well cared for and with so much love ! What a Blessing! Thank you Allie's!

    CHeri, Florence, kY
  • April 5, 2016
    great place to leave my dog Newton. I think it is so good that the dogs get to run around together outside.

    Larry, Florence, ky
  • April 2, 2016
    Bailey and Stella love staying at Allie's. The staff is friendly and helpful; we can't wait to take the girls there more.

    Heather, Cold Spring, Ky
  • March 26, 2016
    Thanks for taking such great care of Bentley

    TabbyAnn, Erlanger, Ky
  • March 14, 2016
    you know you are dealing with people who care when your dog runs into the building to get a bath!!

    Sally, Villa Hills, Ky
  • March 7, 2016
    Thanks to Allie's for another great weekend of care and fun for our pet RED. It is so assuring when you leave your pet for the weekend to know they will have a great time and get lots of attention and love. The fact that my pet runs to the gate leading to the "play" area as soon as we walk through Allie's door speaks volumes!! He is one happy camper when he comes and one tired/happy boy when he returns home

    Kelly, Villa Hills, Ky
  • March 2, 2016
    Max looks adorable! He feels so fluffy & soft. He seems happy & well cared for!! Thank you for your great care.

    Mary Massie, Erlanger, Ky
  • February 29, 2016
    This was Barclay's first overnight at the new facility. Being an older dog, I was concerned that he wouldn't want to engage in play with other pups and might turn on his 'old man attitude'. I am told he socialized well with others and had a good time. He was worn out when I got him home and he slept like a rock that night! Thanks for keeping him happy and active while visiting. He will certainly be back to visit the next time we have to travel!

    Eileen, Independence, KY
  • February 28, 2016
    Rufus and Ginger LOVE Allie's- they start wagging their tails when I mention it and start getting their things together to go there. It's a place where they can socialize and play with other dogs (those that are not too big, not too little- they're placed "JUST RIGHT"). All the staff is kind, caring, and seem to carefully follow instructions for feeding, etc. The dogs love it- and I always know they're in good hands at Allie's!

    Donna, Ft. Wright, KY
  • February 18, 2016
    This was my dogs first stay at a kennel. He went for an overnight evaluation. I felt very at ease the moment I walked in and saw the facility. The caregivers were wonderful and kind. It was very clean and "dog friendly." My dog seemed to fit right in and I felt very comfortable leaving him. He came home the next day happy and exhausted. So happy I have found a place to board him when we go on vacation.

    Erica, Union, Ky
  • February 16, 2016
    We love you guys! Never a complaint!

    Erin, Erlanger, KY
  • February 12, 2016
    I love sending my baby to Allie's! Loki has the best time and is always exhausted from having fun. I am so greatful to Allie's because I know they take great care of Loki the way I care for him. They truly have a passion for treating our pets like their own!

    Amy, Covington, Ke
  • February 3, 2016
    Bruno loves going to Allie's for daycare or overnights - he can't get back to the play area quickly enough, and he comes home tired but happy! I love the friendly staff, and the easy reservation system.

    Sarah, Cincinnati, OH
  • February 2, 2016
    Thanks for always taking such great care of Tilly! She smells great and is so nice and clean after her bath, and was exhausted after her day of fun at Allie's. We will see you again soon!

    Stephanie, Ft. Mitchell, KY
  • February 2, 2016
    So glad to have found Allie's Walkabout!!

    Nancy, Covington, Ke
  • February 1, 2016
    Thank you again for being there when we needed to leave our little one. Although she usually goes with us when we travel we know if we have to leave her she gets her own doggie vacation. We never worry about her when she is with you! Thank You

    Terri, Villa Hills, KY
  • January 31, 2016
    Red loves Allies Walk About! He is always glad to see me when I pick him up but then leaves me to run back to the gate that takes him back to the "play" area. Cracks me up, he's like my kids when we go to the park- they never want to leave! Thank you for taking such good care of my little buddy- I love hearing how well he plays and that he makes "fur friends "

    Kelly, Villa Hills, Ky
  • January 31, 2016
    River stayed the night for the first time this weekend and she did GREAT! I can't say how happy and confident I am with care she receives at Allie's! Her tail starts to wag when we turn onto the street and she runs to the door every time I drop her off! She comes home happy and exhausted from playing all day! River loves Allie's and so do Is!

    Kelly, Wilder, KY
  • January 25, 2016
    My first time using Allie's Walkabout. I really had a good comfort level with leaving Donny after our trial run the previous week. The appeal for me was knowing he was not going to be left in a cage all day and not having to "pay extra" for someone to play with him for a few minutes. Also tried the grooming service. So nice to come home to a healthy, happy and clean dog. You made my travel easy.

    Janice, Villa Hills, KY
  • January 23, 2016
    Lexie is very skittish about having anyone touch her paws. They bathed her and clipped her nails. She didn't like it but they worked with her to get it done. I would recommend them. Five stars!

    Kathy, Crescent Springs, KE
  • January 18, 2016
    Wally is happy and excited to go to Allies Walk About. He must be having fun or he wouldn't be so happy when I take him inside.

    Joyce, Cresent Springs, KY
  • January 18, 2016
    Allie's always keeps my dog happy!

    Melissa, Villa Hills, KY
  • January 12, 2016
    So happy that I found Allie's Walkabout! I love knowing that Mork is in good hands!

    Mindy, Cold Spring, Ky
  • January 6, 2016
    Jax loves daycare. . . since she is still a puppy, she needs to be caged when alone, and daycare is the perfect solution for her to get a break. We are very comfortable with Allie's Walkabout and know that she is well taken care of. She comes home tired with a smile on her face (LOL). Thank you Allie and family!

    Juls, Cincinnati, oh
  • January 4, 2016
    Allie's Walkabout is very welcoming! The staff there was all about making Ruthie feel comfortable, with slow introductions and giving her space. The best part of my day was receiving a text with an update video! Ruthie will definitely be back!

    Hannah, Burlington, KY
  • January 4, 2016
    Looking into Doggie Daycare and an actual boarding of my adorable Giant Golden Doodle Captain was the easiest decision when I came to Allie's Walkabout. The family is always 'hands on deck' which I love, the family is warm, loving and truly loves animals! I had to leave on a sudden trip due to a family emergency for 8 days to think he would be in a crate or alone or sad and lonely killed me. HOWEVER, not at Allie's, I knew he would not be crated except for sleeping ..he played all day in the...

    Kim, Ft. Mitchell, KY
  • January 2, 2016
    We LOVE Allie's Walkabout! I trust them implicitly with my Lola. I wouldn't take her anywhere else. From planned days out to emergency out of town trips, Allies is my go to pet sitter! The staff is friendly and great with Lola. I know she is always well taken care of and they even send me pictures of her throughout her stay.

    Leanne, Elsmere, ky
  • December 31, 2015
    I loved the care, love and personal attention my dogs were given. They came back happy and looking so DAPPER! I enjoyed meeting Allie, and her Mom and Dad who have made this a great place for animals. They even sent me a photo via cell text of them on Christmas Day! So appreciated especially when I missed them the most. They truly care about every dog and I felt comfortable with them immediately.

    Denise, Cincinnati, OH
  • December 29, 2015
    He had a blast!

    Kelly Allhands, Burlington, Ky
  • December 29, 2015
    The dogs love Allie's Walkabout!!

    Michael, Lakeside Park, KY
  • December 29, 2015
    Lightning had a good time and we were glad that he had so much play time!

    Mary, Ft. Mitchell, KY
  • December 27, 2015
    We are very happy with the service Max received at Allie's!! His cut was great& he feels so soft & fluffy. He seemed happy & had no signs of stress. He will be back soon!! Thanks for a terrific experience!

    Mary Massie, Erlanger, Ky
  • December 27, 2015
    We are very happy with the service Max received at Allie's!! His cut was great& he feels so soft & fluffy. He seemed happy & had no signs of stress. He will be back soon!! Thanks for a terrific experience!

    Mary Massie, Erlanger, Ky
  • December 24, 2015
    Lucy Lu looks adorable after being groomed. My family agrees. Julie did a great job.

    Carol, Villa Hills, KY
  • December 23, 2015
    Our dog Max loves Allie's Walkabout. We love when videos and pictures are posted to the Facebook page because it's hilarious to see Max and his new friends playing and sometimes even posing for the camera. What a bunch of hams. The staff is always so nice, and they really love the dogs and love to see them having fun. Highly recommended!

    Erin Castrucci, Hebron, Ky
  • December 22, 2015
    This is what small business is all about. Got to know my dog and myself. I will be back.. well my dog will be back.

    Ward, Villa Hills, KY
  • December 21, 2015
    When I travel to see my kids I like to bring my two dogs with me. One is almost 16 the other about 12, I love the fact that at Allie's they are given special geriatric attention and space from the more energetic guests.

    Virgil, North Port, FL
  • December 16, 2015
    Our Ruby LOVES to go to Allie's, and we are very thankful for an excellent facility and kind, caring people.

    Holly, Villa Hills, Ky
  • December 11, 2015
    I really appreciate everyone's attention to my dog during her stay. She's been having trouble in social situations and her needs were closely monitored and catered to so that she could still participate in play time but have more rest as well.

    Lauren, Hebron, KY
  • December 7, 2015
    We've been using Allie's since they were in their home and we were a little wary of what it would look like when they moved. Would it still have that home feel? Well, it does...this place is great and thanks for the FB pics!

    Sam, Erlanger, KY
  • December 7, 2015
    Love this place! Can't say enough about how welcoming the owners AND staff are. I know my pet is in good hands. Thanks again Allie's, Red had a blast!!

    Kelly, Villa Hills, Ky
  • December 3, 2015
    Great place! RED was so tired when he came home- played hard!

    Kelly, Villa Hills, Ky
  • November 27, 2015
    I feel that Jax is very well taken care of while at day care. She definately comes home happy and tired. We are working at home with her on not jumping up and getting too excited, however if anyone at your daycare would like to work with her on this, we would be grateful. Love the staff and I am sure that Jax does as well. Thanks, Juls

    Juls, Newport, KY
  • November 25, 2015
    Sasha "said" she enjoyed her bath! I know she smells great!! Thanks for taking such good care of her.

    Sally, Villa Hills, Ky
  • November 23, 2015
    Lucky loves going to Allie's Walkabout, and loves to greet the staff with kisses when he gets there. Sometimes I get jealous because he reacts the same to Dave and Mary as he does our family at home! :) I really appreciate the pictures and videos they post on Facebook so I can see what our little guy is up to while he is there. Everyone there is personable, caring, and concerned about all the pets well being while in their care. I was worried about them moving to a new facility, away from...

    Jill, Fort Thomas, Ky
  • November 16, 2015
    Took Molly (Weimaraner) in for a nail clipping. She was greeted with smiles and cheers. The groomer took great care with her and had no problems. Molly was ready to go out to sport her new nails in no time. Thanks Allie!

    Ken, Villa Hills, Ke
  • November 3, 2015
    We have left our dogs at several places over the years. I can't recommend Allie's Walkabout enough. The dogs come home the same dogs that we dropped off or better. They are tired because they have been exercised and given fresh air (just like home) and they sleep well for several days afterward. This was above our expectations since in the past they have come home angry, and marked the whole house to let us know how unhappy they were. Allie's takes better care of them than we do, and I am...

    Tania, Florence, KY
  • November 2, 2015
    Allie's was great! I never boarded my dogs until now and I highly recommend Allie's!!

    Taylor, Cincinnati, OH
  • October 26, 2015
    This was our first experience for Allie's Walkabout. I've been following this place for sometime via fb and seeing news video's about them. I was very impressed and when we recently moved to Villa Hills, was delighted to find out they were very close by. We were very happy with Ellie's first stay here and am sure there are more in the future. Loved how they post a picture of their visitors on fb. Highly recommend this place for anyone with a dog they love and care about.

    Norma, Villa Hills, KY
  • October 20, 2015
    I admire how you have grown a small idea into a family operated business. I like the feel of your business and will definitely bring Piper back. I realize that dogs can act/react very quickly and that her getting nipped by another dog was never anything that you would allow to happen. In the future, she may need to be with the smaller dogs or dealt with in some other way. We can discuss that when the time comes. Thanks for providing this service and we'll bring Piper another time.

    Sarah Keating, Villa Hills, Ky
  • October 19, 2015
    This was the first time we ever boarded our Golden Retriever "Molly" and we were very pleased with the care that was given to her. The owners and staff were kind, courteous and caring. Molly loved her stay and we will definitely return in the future. We can highly recommend Allie's Walkabout to anyone looking for exceptional care of their dog..... five stars for sure and two thumbs up.... thank you....

    Bob, Lawrenceburg, In
  • October 12, 2015
    I have never felt more confident about the safety of my baby girl, Sawyer than when I leave her at Allie's! They always make sure she is with other dogs who make her feel comfortable, and have the same energy as her. They are a wonderful, caring family and staff who have transitioned well into their business' new home. We will continue to bring Sawyer to Allie's! She's always worn out and I know she's had a great time by her reaction every time she sees the Allie's Walkabout family! Thank you!!

    Katie, Independence, Ky
  • October 6, 2015
    Only place I trust to take care of my pooch in the style she is accustomed to!

    Melanie, Park Hills, KY
  • October 5, 2015
    Allie's Walkabout is amazing!!!! My dog , Champ, loves going and playing with all the other dogs. He is completely worn out when he comes home. I know that Champ is safe and loved on while he is in their care. I highly recommend Allie's Walkabout for your fur babies!!

    Leslie, Union, KY
  • October 1, 2015
    I could tell Murphy was comfortable from the minute he walked in the door. After his evaluation night (a really great idea, by the way!), he came home worn out from playing with his new friends, but clearly had a great experience.

    Melissa, Elsmere, KY
  • October 1, 2015
    We have been so blessed working with Allie and her family. Our Aussie Fancy loves going to Allie's - she recognizes the route we drive to get there and gets excited when we are still blocks away. She is always happy to arrive and we can tell she really enjoys her time. We highly recommend Allie's Walkabout as a home-away-from-home for our furry friend.

    Kelly & Jo, Florence, KY
  • August 17, 2015
    Thank you for going above and beyond when Sassy wasn't doing so well. Even though she, obviously, doesn't like to be anywhere other than her own house, I feel like she was taken care of better here and treated like she was in her own home. It made me feel good when I came to pick her up and she was just hanging out on the couch with your family.

    Terri, Cold Spring, KY
  • August 2, 2015
    Zoey enjoyed staying with Allie while we were on vacation. We had peace of mind leaving her with updates on social media we could see she was having a blast.

    Stacey, Walton, Ky
  • July 29, 2015
    I never thought anyone would love our sweet boy Boone as much as my fiancé and I do. I was wrong. Boone often goes to Allie's and it has become evident how much he loves going there. They truly act as surrogate fur baby parents while Boone is in their care. I feel more comfortable leaving him there than any where else. We will never ever take our dog any where else as Allie's has become his second family.

    Dominick, Union, Ky
  • July 25, 2015
    Allie and family took great care of Tilly while our family was on vacation. It was nice to see the pictures of her playing and enjoying her stay at Allie's, and she was exhausted when she came back home. Thanks for watching her and keeping her active while we were away! She will see you again soon.

    Stephanie, Union, KY
  • July 23, 2015
    My dog was at Allie's Walkabout for a week and did great there! I used to board her at a different place and when I would pick her up she wouldn't be happy with me because she was caged for nearly the whole time. At Allie's there is very minimal cage time and my dog seemed to be happy to arrive and also she didn't hold a grudge against me for a few days after. I would recommend their service to anyone and will now be a lifelong client.

    Brad, Independence, KY
  • July 13, 2015
    Very happy with our experience! Allie did an excellent job of putting my mind at ease when dropping off my 6 month old puppy.

    Holly, Villa Hills, Ky
  • July 7, 2015
    Thanks for taking such great care of Lexi. She looked very happy and comfortable in your home and that is very comforting to my daughter and me. Thanks again and see you soon!

    Vicki, Florence, KY
  • July 6, 2015
    Milo had a great time! He wanted to stay! He was calm, happy and seemed to have enjoyed his stay. Thanks so much!

    Liz, Taylor Mill, KY
  • June 23, 2015
    It was amazing!!! I had so much piece of mind leaving chance there. He is very attached to me and has bad separation anxiety. They were able to handle him with ease and he didn't even want to leave

    Megan, Harpursville, New York
  • June 21, 2015
    Knowing that Sophie is having fun and being loved at Allie's while we go on vacation is such a relief. They treat her like one of their own! I love seeing the pictures on Facebok of all the fun she is having while we are away. Thanks for taking such great care of her!!

    Melissa, Lawrenceburg, IN
  • June 20, 2015
    I was so impressed with how well Loki was cared for. I had such peace of mind knowing that he was in a very safe and fun environment while we were gone. I also loooove that there are pictures on Facebook so I can see how he is doing.

    Amy, Covington, Kentucky
  • June 13, 2015
    Allie's Walkabout does a fantastic job of taking care of my dog when I am out of town. They treat your dog like they are a member of their family! I would not take my dog anywhere else.

    Sandy, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky
  • June 9, 2015
    Very happy with Rudy's stay. He seemed well adjusted when I came back to pick him up. Thank you!

    Chris, Union, KY
  • June 2, 2015
    I love bringing my puppy Salem to daycare at Allie's Walkabout! She is 4 months old and has a lot of energy, so I drop her off on my longer work days for daycare. Whenever I come to pick her up she is always worn out and so so happy. It is so comforting to know that someone plays with my puppy all day and gives her all the attention she needs at this stage, and she gets tons of exercise! They also make sure to help us through her puppy stages by continuing the same training techniques that we...

    Audrey, Lakeside Park, KY
  • May 30, 2015
    It's our first time bringing BonBon here and we couldn't have been happier with the experience! We highly recommend any dog owners to let their dogs to hang out with this down to earth family! BonBon can't wait to visit them again!

    Felix, Independence, KY
  • May 29, 2015
    We left Calvin for the first time with Allie last weekend. He had a wonderful time there and seemed to want to go back after we brought him home! We are very happy to have a place that we can trust to leave our baby and know he will be in great hands! Allie's walkabout is great!

    Kaylen, Florence, Kentucky
  • May 28, 2015
    We just brought our Rusty for an evaluation stay and he seemed to be very happy and relaxed there - we'll definitely be back.

    Dot, Ft. Mitchell, KY
  • May 17, 2015
    We have used Allie's Walkabout for overnight care on 4 different occasions. Gracie - our young, active rescue dog - loves it! Once she gets through the front door, that's it - she's off and playing with the other dogs. We just picked Gracie up from a 2+ week stay. She came home happy and, no doubt, can't wait to go back. We highly recommend Allie's Walkabout and will use them again (and again)!

    Barb & Dennis, Fort Thomas, KY
  • May 16, 2015
    We are new customers to Allie's. I had heard really good things about them but I was still a little nervous to send Buddy there. As soon as I saw the house and the yard with all the dogs, I felt really comfortable and knew that Buddy would really like it there. We were able to enjoy our time out of town because we knew Buddy was in good hands. When I picked him up he was super happy and of course, so was I. We are going away again for a week next month and have booked a spot at Allie's for...

    Jennifer, Union, KY
  • May 15, 2015
    This was my first time using Allie's and I must say I was nervous! I've never left our dog with anyone. Allie's did more than an excellent job with our little schitzu Joey. He's a nervous dog and they were so patient with him. I was even able to text a few times during our vacation and received a VERY quick response, one of which was a picture showing me how content he looked. I truly appreciate all the hard work and kindness the entire Allie's family/staff showed towards Joey and I. I...

    Kristin, Fort Thomas, KY
  • May 14, 2015
    Lola and Reuben seemed to have a great time. With dogs who are used to being around people all the time, Allie's is a much better place than a kennel. They showed no signs of stress when we got home and are easily back to our normal routine. Thank you for the wonderful care!

    Mandy, Crescent Springs, KY
  • May 13, 2015
    you guys showed so much love to our girls while we were gone. I recommend you to everyone who has a dog. Thanks so much.

    Brad, Florence, ky
  • May 11, 2015
    Wow...you all took great care of my little boy Rusty, I always feel bad leaving him when we go away but the level of love and care he received was amazing. He was treated like he was one of their own.

    Michael, Florence, Ky
  • May 9, 2015
    Phoebe was so happy and seemed so Comfortable there. I know she will enjoy her next "vacation" at Allie's!!

    Rhonda, Soutjgate, KY
  • April 29, 2015
    We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Allie's Walkabout for furry family members. We left Oliver with Allie for Spring Break. It was wonderful to be able to see him in pictures on Facebook playing with other dogs outside and not in a cage all day. We are so relieved to find Allie's! Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!6

    Cheryl, Union, Kentucky
  • April 28, 2015
    Moses LOVES Allie and her ENTIRE FAMILY. It is a very calm environment with a family that obviously loves dogs as much as I do. Moses is an 11-month old Golden Doodle with enough energy to share with a pack of dogs, but when he comes home after playing all day with his friends, he is calm and ready to relax for the evening. Lastly, now that Moses' newphew Cassius comes, his life is complete! the Rafizadehs in Edgewood

    Mary, Edgewood, KENTUCKY
  • April 27, 2015
    Margot looks forward to coming to allies. She loves everyone and playing with the other dogs. I would have a very hard time leaving her in a kennel so I am very glad Allies Walkabout is a different kind of alternative.

    June, Burlington, Ky
  • April 22, 2015
    Allie's Walkabout is no kennel. For those of you who have children, it's like dropping your kid off at your friend's house that has lots of toys and other kids to play with. Allie and her family treat the dogs as if they were part of their family. I was able to fully enjoy my vacation without a worry in the world because I knew Oscar was being well taken care of. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone considering boarding their dog or needing daycare services. I had never heard of them before, simply...

    Staci, Independence, KY
  • April 20, 2015
    We LOVE LOVE LOVE Allie's Walkabout! They are wonderful folks who care about your pet while you are away. This is more than just a "boarding kennel"...it's a vacation for your pet while you enjoy your vacation! Highly recommended.

    Dinovite, Crittenden, KY
  • April 20, 2015
    Zoey loves Allie's Walkabout Doggy Daycare! We feel 100% comfortable leaving Zoey at Allie's a couple of times each week. It really takes away some of the stress of working full time and raising a puppy. We know she is having a fantastic day and being well taken care of each day. We bring home a happy and tired puppy each time; a tired puppy equals a well behaved puppy!

    Katy, Walton, Kentucky
  • April 8, 2015
    We are so happy that Allies was referred to us. At the time Charlie was 6 months old, a boxer and full of energy!! It is such a great place! Charlie definitely gets a run for her money when she is there which they say a tired puppy is a good puppy! Allies is extremely flexible and we definitely speak highly of them and continue to recommend them to friends and family. Thanks!!

    Stacie, Florence, KY
  • April 2, 2015
    Wonderful place!!! I would recommend everyone use this service for their furry ones!

    Kelly, Erlanger, KY
  • March 25, 2015
    I was put in a bind and found Allie's Walkabout! Raiden has been loved for, cared for, and has been given all the attention deserved like he was their own, along with making new friends. I laugh and enjoy seeing Raiden happy via video and photo updates on their facebook page! You do receive weekly report cards to ease your concern about your furdoodles! I will request in the nearest future!

    Pia, Morrow, Ohio
  • March 24, 2015
    We are so lucky to live so close. Enjoy seeing Sky's pictures on fb when we leave her. She enjoys it so much. I have recommended this place to all my dog friends.

    Terri, Villa Hills, KY
  • March 23, 2015
    Allies Walkabout is fantastic! After moving to Cincinnati from Chicago I searched for a Doggy Day Care concerned I wouldn't find one I would like. After visiting Allies with Murphy (the best yellow lab in the world) I knew it was the place for us. They are very attentive to the dogs and treat them as if they are there own with loads of love and attention. I couldn't have hoped for a better place for Murphy to spend his days while I'm at work!

    Nick, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • March 23, 2015
    I am so pleased with the care Thor and Loki received! To know that they were playing the whole time and did not just sit in a kennel for two days, I never even worried about them. Thank you for opening your home to my boys and for giving Thor and Loki the love, care and attention that they receive at home.

    Jamie, Walton, Kentucky
  • March 13, 2015
    Very friendly and love how they attend to the dogs. They treat them with lots of love. Also love how they post pictures and videos of the dogs playing. I will be back and highly recommend them.

    Beth, Union, Ky
  • February 28, 2015
    I highly recommend Allie's Walk About! They took wonderful care of our little Yorkie in a home setting that is so much better than a kennel! He was happy there which really gave us peace of mind! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

    Sandra VonHandorf, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
  • February 11, 2015
    Piper loves going to Allies. She's not always easy with other dogs but seems to blend well with the dogs there. I know she will be well cared for and have plenty of activity so she's usually a Good tired dog when she gets home after an afternoon at Allie's.

    Missy, Hebron, KY
  • January 27, 2015
    Sydney always has a great time at Allie's. Thanks for her excellent care! We will see you again soon.

    Laurie, Brookville, In
  • January 2, 2015
    We always feel so comfortable leaving George at Allie's Walkabout. I love seeing the pictures of him on Facebook, so we can see how he's doing. He always comes home so tired from all of his playing.

    Dawn, Covington, Kentucky, US
  • December 30, 2014
    Buddy and Sunday had a great time there over the summer. Will definitely use you all again when we go on another trip, hopefully this summer.

    Bob Schaub, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
  • December 14, 2014
    I recently left my dog, Griffey, in Allie's care due to a family emergency. She came highly recommended by a friend, so it was Griffey's first time to stay at Allie's Walkabout. How wonderful it was to know I could leave Grif in Allie's care and he would be loved and treated as if he were home. I didn't have to worry about his care and could concentrate on family. I highly recommend Allie's Walkabout ... she's wonderful!

    Brenda, Columbus, Ohio
  • December 7, 2014
    Love what you offer here and even though Buster hasn't been there but a few times, behaviorally he is better. Thank you!

    Jennifer, Taylor Mill, KY
  • November 20, 2014
    We love leaving Riggins with Allie and family! They really treat her better than we could ever hope for in a Kennel! Sometimes I wonder if she even wants to be picked up!

    Amanda, Burlington, Kentucky
  • November 7, 2014
    I love Allie's Walkabout and my dog, Jet, loves it even more!

    Cindy, Walton, Ky
  • November 6, 2014
    Felt very comfortable leaving our dog there for the week. This is one of the first times I left him for the week and didn't worry about him

    Julie, Erlanger, ky
  • November 5, 2014
    It is incredibly reassuring to see videos and pictures on facebook of your pet on the facebook site while you are away. Knowing that Angel is getting plenty of attention and exercise allows me to enjoy my time away even more.

    Charis, Cincinnati, OH
  • November 3, 2014
    We have been extremely satisfied every time we leave Burgess with Allie. We know he's treated well and always comes back so exhausted from all of the activity. I would recommend Allie to anyone who's looking for a dependable, loving pet sitter!

    Diane, Lakeside Park, KY
  • October 21, 2014
    My dog, Ruby (whippet/jack russell shelter-adopted mix), is very high strung and becomes quite anxious at the sight of me packing a bag. She knows she's going somewhere and doesn't like it. I dropped Ruby off at Allie's early on a Sunday morning and she just had a complete meltdown. The folks at Allie's were very calm with both Ruby and myself saying politely "it might sound backwards but the sooner you leave, the sooner she will calm down." I felt terrible she was causing such a ruckus so...

    Ruby, Newport, KY
  • October 20, 2014
    Hank just loves going to Allie's. He starts whining as soon as we get off the expressway because he is so excited to get there. He comes home exhausted which is great if we have to run out to soccer practice. He gets a much needed nap! Thanks for making us feel like he is a part of your family!

    Tracy, Hebron, KY
  • October 19, 2014
    This was the first time our fur baby has been away from home. We were confident after meeting Allie and her staff that Kip would be in good hands. We were able to enjoy our vacation because of this, and Kip was wore out from all the play time he got. I will recommend Allie's Walkabout to our friends and family.

    Charlie And Kelly Peterson, Latonia, KY
  • October 13, 2014
    Our Scooter absolutely LOVES Allie's Walkabout !! We would never even dream of letting him stay anywhere else !! We're comforted knowing the entire family is involved in the care of our Scooter while he's there !! We definitely recommend Allie's Walkabout to anyone looking for quality pet sitting !!

    Steve, Villa Hills, Ky
  • October 7, 2014
    Everyone was wonderful. Mischa seemed to enjoy herself and was certainly tired afterwards. We were a bit surprised at the volume of dogs that you had and were a bit unnerved when the young man in the backyard offered to take Mischa into the backyard without taking any info. or anything. Being our first time there we were not aware of the procedures. I think he was just helping out and new. Mary set us on the right path though.

    LIsa, Taylor Mill, KY
  • October 3, 2014
    I was so relieved to leave Thunder someplace friendly, inviting and fun.

    Joanna, Ft. Mitchell, KY
  • October 1, 2014
    Our German Shepard puppy has been going to Allie's daily for nearly a month now...and she absolutely loves it! She jumps in the car eager to go, wags her tail when we get there, and doesn't really want to come home... She's always worn out -- which is a great sign. I love the fact that our puppy is in a home setting and gets so much love and attention throughout the day. Thanks Allie and family!

    Jennie, Burlington, Kentucky
  • September 29, 2014
    We love Allie's! They are always so good with our Cameron and even post videos to view while we are gone. When we tell cam he is going to allies he jumps up and down. They give us so much peace of mind.

    Becky And Ken, Villa Hills, ky
  • September 29, 2014
    Allie's was awesome! We had such peace of mind knowing our dogs were being well cared for! Thanks.

    Tania, Florence, KY
  • September 16, 2014
    Our Buddy absolutely loves it at Allies. He knows where he's going when we mention her name and gets so excited about it. I think he even knows where she lives. The care is excellent and he gets plenty of exercise with the other dogs while there. We always use Allie's Walkabout!

    Craig, Dayton, KY
  • September 16, 2014
    We love Allie's Walkabout! They take such good care of our furbaby. He has a wonderful time playing with all the other dogs. I was very nervous to leave him with anyone the first time, but he has stayed twice with Allie and has come home happy and tired. We have scheduled another stay already. It gives me a huge peace of mind when I know that our furbaby is being cared for just as we would care for him at home. Thanks Allie's Walkabout!

    Katie, Independence, Ky
  • September 14, 2014
    We just leaving Ruby with Allie because we know she is being treated as if she were home! It gives us a HUGE peace of mind and we can travel with ease! Thank you!!

    Nanette, Hebron, KY
  • September 13, 2014
    I am so happy to have found Allie's Walkabouts. They treat my Harley like he's part of their family. I can go on vacation and not worry about my dog.

    Ashleigh, Florence, Ky
  • September 8, 2014
    We were very pleased the time we left Gipper. Everyone is very pleasant and Professional. We are lucky to have them as our neighbors too.

    Jean Gerrein, VILLA HILLS, KY - Kentucky
  • September 3, 2014

    Kelly, Florence, KY
  • September 1, 2014
    I used Allie for the first time last week and my puppy loved it there! I am very picky about where I will leave her because she is my baby. She had a blast and I know she was well taken care of and got the attention she deserved!

    Katie, Dry Ridge, Ky
  • August 28, 2014
    Traveller loves his time with allies walkabout!

    Jeremy, Covington, Kentucky
  • August 22, 2014
    Our puppy Lucy has the best time and we feel so confident in the care that she receives from Allie and her family. They are lovely people and they operate a terrific service.

    Morgan, Newport, Kentucky
  • August 15, 2014
    Raj and Boone love staying at Allie's and I love the care and attention they receive from Allie and her family. Wouldn't board Raj or Boone anywhere other than Allie's.

    Ann Romeo, Union, Kentucky
  • August 13, 2014
    Great place. Pet was well cared for..it's like home.

    Judy, Ft Mitchell, Ky
  • August 2, 2014
    Holly is always extreamly happy to go to Allie's and I feel so comfortable leaving her with her.

    Karis, Covington, ky
  • July 25, 2014
    Rambo seemed to enjoy his stay. He sure was worn out when he got home. I was very particular about who watched him since he is our baby. I would send him back again. Thanks for caring for our sweet little boy.

    Don, Elsmere, Ky
  • July 24, 2014
    My dogs had a great time at Allie's. My Beagle is a rescue and we use an in-home pet sitter whenever we are out of town. Our sitter wasn't available and a friend recommended Allie's. I love that the dogs don't have to spend their days in crates. They get lots of interaction with humans and other dogs. The atmosphere is positive and relaxed. Allie and her family are very patient and it's obvious they love dogs.

    Connie, Union, KY
  • July 23, 2014
    Margot loves going to Allies. I don't feel guilty for leaving town and leaving her behind. I know she is in caring hands and will have fun playing with the other dogs.

    June, Burlington, KY
  • July 22, 2014
    Cheeky and Sparty LOVE Allie's. We recently moved to Kentucky, our family used to be the ones to watch them when we went away. Allie's works out even better for us because they meet their own friends! Not only do I feel completely comfortable about my dogs getting their own vacation, I love supporting a young female entrepreneur.

    Helena Chase, Union, KY
  • July 21, 2014
    We have a 2yr old Doberman Valdo who we only leave with family or Allie's. Valdo has stayed at Allie's several times and we never worry about him when he is there. We are very satisfied with this service and highly recommend it.

    Jenny, Ky
  • July 19, 2014
    Me an casino was at ease on both of our vacations. He seemed to really enjoy it their.

    Karen Ruschman, Cold Spring, ky
  • July 7, 2014
    Our dogs have enjoyed their experiences at Allies Walkabout. They seem happy from their when we pick them up. Allie and her family have all been very welcoming, friendly and professional

    Shannon, Ky
  • July 5, 2014
    Annie loves to go to Allies!! We get peace of mind knowing she is being cared for and loved!!

    Connie, Ky
  • July 3, 2014
    We visited, then used Allie's Walkabout for a trial run at "doggy daycare" a few days later. Apparently they had a great time visiting with other dogs and running around the yard!

    Donna, Ft. Wright, KY
  • June 26, 2014
    We left our 6+ month old puppy at Allie's over Memorial Weekend. It was great to see pictures on Facebook and get the texts that she was doing well. She slept the whole next day. We will be having Allie take care of her again when we are on vacation. We will miss her, but we'll know she is well taken care of and will have fun.

    Kathy, Crescent Springs, ky
  • June 25, 2014
    Glad Murphy did well. Sure he liked the homelike atmosphere and caring people

    Lisa, Florence, KY - Kentucky
  • June 25, 2014
    Leaving Max with Ali and her family allows our family to leave town and know that while we are on vacation having fun, Max is also having the time of his life!

    Stephanie, Fort Mitchell, KY
  • June 24, 2014
    It was great! They took our boxer on very short notice and at a great price. He stayed for two nights and when we picked him up he was tired from an obvious two days of playing. Great service, much better than most places that board dogs.

    Colt S., Lexington, Kentucky
  • June 24, 2014
    Just got a dog for the first time. When finally deciding to get him I knew that there was a great family at church who would watch him whenever we needed to get away. They did a great job! Felt at ease.

    Lori, Union, KY
  • June 23, 2014
    Our dog Callie had a great experience at Allie's Walkabout - everyone was very easy to work with and Callie was really well cared for. She came home happy and tired from all the playing :) ....and the option of the bath before pickup was an added bonus to save me time after coming back from a family trip!!!

    Kimberly, KY
  • June 19, 2014
    Allie's Walkabout did a great job tailoring their service to meet the needs of our shy dog. Rukia is very timid bu they made her as comfortable as possible,

    Kristen R., Ft. Wright, KY
  • June 17, 2014
    Always had a great experience at Allie's Walkabout

    Kim, Cincinnati, OH
  • June 15, 2014
    I love leaving Ruby with you and knowing she is getting the same love we give her! Thank you so much! It is truly a peace of mind!

    Nanette, Hebron, KY
  • June 9, 2014
    Sammie has been to stay with Allie several times, and we love taking him there. Sammie is 14, a little blind and a little deaf, so we want to make sure he's comfortable and not stressed while we travel. Allie and her family take great care of Sammie, and they really cater to his "old dog quirks"! I'm so much more comfortable leaving Sammie with Allie than taking him to a kennel - knowing that he's with a family, that he has a yard to play in, and a couch to snooze on - that is worth every penny...

    Katie, Wilder, KY - Kentucky
  • June 2, 2014
    We have only used AW once before but daisy had a great time then and we hope to repeat it soon:)

    Shelley, Newport, ky
  • May 30, 2014
    Our dog loves coming to Allie's!

    Anissa, Kentucky
  • May 26, 2014
    Dogs came home happy and were in such a better place being in a home as opposed to a kennel Loved the attention, care, and obvious tuning in to my individual dog's (I had 2 stay) personalities with stories of their interactions and experiences.

    Edie E., Union, KY
  • May 21, 2014
    Allie's has always taken great care of my dog. She is always happy to get there and not so happy to leave. I actually have to drag her out the door. That is the sign of a dog who loves her experience at Allie's!

    Vicki Rogers, Hebron, Kentucky
  • May 21, 2014
    Our 14 week old puppy, Maggie, had a great stay at Allie's Walkabout! Not only were we able to enjoy our vacation knowing Maggie was receiving the best of care, Maggie also came home a better socialized, more confident, and very tired pup. If you're looking for more of a "foster" family experience for your dog vs. traditional boarding, Allie's is the place you want to be! We highly recommend Allie's Walkabout and will be loyal customers in the future.

    Trisha M., Independence, Kentucky (KY)
  • May 20, 2014
    Family was welcoming. Molly seemed relaxed at our first visit.

    Karen B., Burlington, KY
  • May 19, 2014
    When Pepper is at Allies Walkabout I feel she receives the same loving care she gets at home...

    Kristine, Florence, Ky
  • May 19, 2014
    I'm assuming my pup had a great time here for 10 days because she came home and crashed. She's a very high energy dog and slept for a while when she got home. I love the idea of her being around other dogs a lot and at a house, not at a kennel kept in a cage all day only to be let out for bathroom breaks a couple times. I will bring her here whenever we go away because I know she'll be well cared for and have a great time!

    Jordan K., Edgewood, KY
  • May 19, 2014
    Very personal and very kind staff. My pup had a great time, I would assume because she was worn out when she got home. Looking forward to having her stay with Allie for a week in June. I think she will have a great time and be very well taken care of.

    Anissa S., ky
  • May 18, 2014
    Guy spent a month at Allie's while we were in Europe and he must have LOVED every moment. He was exhausted when he got home and slept round the clock the first day we got back. We were very pleased and have recommended Allie's to many people.

    Charles, Fort Thomas, ky
  • May 13, 2014
    I sincerely wish I could give a six star rating! I always fret over our dogs being cooped up in a kennel and I can't thank Allie and her crew enough for giving us all such peace of mind! Our two labs, Ethan and Abby were treated with TLC and came home happy! They will be back! I have just sent in a reservation for a longer stay. Thanks a million!

    Kelly, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
  • May 2, 2014
    As you can see I gave you excellence on everything. Gener was a happy camper when I picked him up. I was totally satisfied with Allie's walkabout.

    Mary Z., Union, Ky
  • May 2, 2014
    We could tell that our Cincy was happy and had fun because she was exhausted!

    Betsy J., Lakeside Park, KY
  • April 29, 2014
    Thank you for providing such wonderful care to Brownie! He seamlessly transitioned to being back home again, so I know that he felt that he was loved with you.

    Cindy B., Union, KY
  • April 28, 2014
    I loved the fact that the dogs spend time outside together instead of in pens. We left Ashes with you knowing that she would have a great week and she did. You have a great attitude toward the animals and the customers.

    Alex C., Villa Hills, Kentucky
  • April 28, 2014
    Tanner came back very happy and his adjustment was seamless. He actually seemed a little more calm and at ease when he's with us. He must have had a good experience.

    JJ S., KY
  • April 22, 2014
    Bentley seems comfortable and happy when I picked him up. I really was happy with his stay.

    Olivia F., Union, Ky.
  • April 18, 2014
    Daisy always jumps in the car when going to Allie's walkabout and I know she's enjoys her time with other dogs and the interactions rather than being cooped up in a kennel all day.

    Julie E., KY
  • April 15, 2014
    We had such a great experience with Allie! Normally after a family trip and boarding our dogs, it takes several days to adjust. To top it off there are several accidents as well, I assume from not being on their normal routine and not being let out as much. After this trip, the dogs actually came home tired and have not had any accidents!! One of my favorite things was to be able to "check in" on the dogs through Allie's posts on Facebook. You could tell they were having fun and were getting...

    Rachel, Ft Mitchell, KY
  • April 15, 2014
    My dog Polly had a great time!

    Rob B., Burlington, Ky
  • April 14, 2014
    Gizmo had a great time here. I did not have to worry about her. Definitely will continue to take her there in the future.

    Lora C., Florence, Kentucky
  • April 14, 2014
    I loved that Coco was treated like a member of the family and the location is very convenient to the airport.

    Alisa H., Newport, KY
  • April 11, 2014
    Evidently, Guy had a wonderful time with you. He seems absolutely exhausted, presumably from all the play with the other dogs. He has slept most of the day today after having slept 12 hours last night. We take this as a good sign that he had lots of fun and is just worn out. Thanks for your great care. Our minds were at ease that he was being well cared for.

    Charles W., Fort Thomas, ky
  • April 5, 2014
    My dog returned to me after a 6 day stay and had horrible diarrhea and wasn't eating. Allie made me aware my pet was ill and had told me my pet had been sick for the last 3 days. I found this to be a bit frustrating as Allie had communicated to me via text that my dog was doing well during her stay. My dog's behind was covered in feces and had to be immediately taken to the vet.

    Allie, Ky
  • April 1, 2014
    Our dogs love Allie's! I knew it was a good stay when Louis, our 1 yr old Mountain Cur, came home and slept all evening and night! He was exhausted from all the playtime! :)

    Liz J., Burlington, KY
  • March 21, 2014
    Belle is always exhausted after a day in their care! Very convenient!

    David P., Edgewood, Ky
  • March 13, 2014
    I am always so nervous about leaving my dog with anyone because of his severe separation anxiety. He did great at Allie's and now I have finally found someone I can feel comfortable leaving him with. He was treated like family and his special needs accommodated to make him comfortable as possible away from home. I feel 100% confident about having him stay at Allie's in the future.

    Rebecca R., Elsmere, KY
  • March 10, 2014
    Dallas had a great time running around!

    Zack J., Park Hills, Kentucky
  • February 28, 2014
    Loved that they posted pics on Facebook.

    Shirley J., KY
  • February 25, 2014
    Allie’s was amazing. Dropped off my pup at 7 in the morning and picked him back up at 7 that night. Drop offs were smooth and Bravo seemed to have had a great time. He was completely worn out from playing all day. Even gave him a bath after he had gotten muddy from playing outside. Definitely will use Allies in the future.

    Rex B., Florence, Kentucky
  • February 21, 2014
    We've since lost our dear Tinkerbell, but she loved it at Allie's. They treated her like family. My husband and I are in our 80's & 90's so there were even times they would come and pick Tink up for us and save us the trip.

    Mary Ann, Fairfield, OH
  • February 18, 2014
    Had a last minute, out of town meeting pop up and Allie's were great welcoming Kody which made my travels a lot less stressful. Will definitely bring Kody back in the future.

    Todd L., Hebron, KY
  • February 14, 2014
    What a great experience! Would highly recommend

    Bridgette W., KY
  • January 23, 2014
    My dogs are never scared when they get to Allie's. They always walk in with tails wagging. Makes me feel at ease to leave them there!

    Lori S., Hebron, Kentucky
  • January 23, 2014
    have had my dogs stay with Allie many, many times in the past and plan on using her services in the future. My dogs love it and so do I!

    Dianna Z., KY
  • January 17, 2014
    I do not care what BJ says. You are a five, and my windows are streaky. Matt S.

    Matt, Fort Mitchell, KY
  • January 13, 2014
    Just like leaving your dog at your house without having to give someone else the key. The dog's seemed to love it.

    Stefanie, Folsom, CA
  • January 9, 2014
    We don't leave town often but when we do, Allie's Walkabout is our go-to pet sitter. Allie and company take all the stress away from us wondering if our dog, Jay is taken care of. Not only do they keep him safe, but they actually take the time to interact and play with the pets they're keeping. Thanks Allie!

    BJ D., Covington, KY
  • January 6, 2014
    Sherry and I were very pleased with Allie's Walkabout in caring for our pug, Jerry Lee Lewis. Jerry Lee was in good hands and we will definitely use Alllie's Walkabout again.

    Bud C., Kentucky
  • January 3, 2014
    Betty White had a great time and slept for an entire day after her stay. She made friends and will definitely be returning. Thanks!

    Andy, KY
  • January 3, 2014
    Professional care in a home setting. The best of everything. Zingo was relaxed and happy when I picked him up. Thank you.

    Kathy P., Walton, KY
  • January 3, 2014
    Reasonable Pricing, great care, and super location!

    Lloyd & Cathy J., Florence, KY
  • December 11, 2013
    I am so thankful to have such wonderful people caring for my puppy! It is such a relief to know that while I'm at work all day my dog can play and run with other dogs, which she absolutely loves! She is much more well behaved and comes home exhausted! Allie's Walkabout is the best!

    Emily H., Park Hills, Kentucky
  • December 11, 2013
    awesome job on short notice!

    Kelly B., Hebron, KY
  • December 11, 2013
    Rudy is much happier in Allie's home than he is in a kennel. We appreciate the attention the entire family gives the dogs, and we feel very comfortable leaving Rudy in such good hands.

    TJ, KY
  • November 10, 2013
    We trust Allie to care for our dog like he is one of her family. He was always nervous about going to a kennel; he runs to the door to Allies house. We have used her services for 2 years, and recommend her to everyone!

    Stacey, Ludlow, KY
  • November 8, 2013
    Allie did a great job looking after our dog Scooter. Definitely better than sending him to a kennel, at a very reasonable price. He was always very excited to go to Allie's when we'd go away on vacation.

    Chris M., Centennial, Colorado
  • November 4, 2013
    My dog Margot is a very social, high energy puppy. She would not be happy in a kennel all day and night. Allieswalkabout gives her the social interaction with dogs and people that she needs. I don't worry about her when I am gone because I know she is having fun. Thank you!!!

    June, Ky
  • October 29, 2013
    Rusty seems to love his time at Allie's, and he comes home relaxed and happy instead of stressed and exhausted! We've been very pleased with Allie and her family.

    Elise S., Covington, Kentucky
  • October 26, 2013
    Baily & Patches were well cared for during their 10-day stay and must have really enjoyed themselves because they zonked out for a couple of days after they returned home. Thank you Allie, and thanks to your family too, for looking after them so well.

    Arthur L., Villa Hills, Kentucky
  • October 26, 2013
    Riggins enjoyed her time running and playing with the other dogs so much that she slept for at least 24 hours after we picked her up! I think she wants to go back asap. Thanks for taking good care of our baby :)

    Amanda, KY
  • October 23, 2013
    My 2 dogs always look forward to their stay with Allie. They get to run out in the fenced back yard instead of being on a tie out in mine! Allie's WalkAbout is the only place I board my dogs.

    Dianna, Taylor Mill, KY
  • October 22, 2013
    My puppy loves going to Allie! She is so good with the dogs!

    Bryan, Kentucky
  • October 21, 2013
    Cooper had a fantastic time with Allie and her family. They kept him active and treated him as their own. We will definitely choose Allie as our pet sitter in the future.

    Olivia K., Hebron, KY
  • October 20, 2013
    We have total trust in the care, attention, and love Allie and her entire family give to our "girls". Before we found Allie we were hesitant to take any vacation unless a family member could take care of them. No longer!

    Rose M., Erlanger, KY
  • October 19, 2013
    Our dog enjoys going to Allie's and I don't have to worry about her when we are out of town. I recommend her to everyone.

    Jana, KY
  • October 19, 2013
    Our dogs came back exhausted and slept for days, which shows me that they got a lot of playing and attention while they stayed with Allie! Best experience we've had leaving them with someone, as they used to get so stressed at their old kennel that they would end up with many problems when we picked them up. I think they actually get sad to see us picking them up because that means they have to leave all the fun!

    Vicky D., Independence, KY
  • October 17, 2013
    Dorothy always looks forward to coming to Allie's Walkabout. I could hardly get her leash on when we were getting out of the car as she was so excited to come back. She is worn out after her stay.

    Pam S., Crestview Hills, KY
  • October 17, 2013
    Our two goldendoodles absolutely love going to Allie's Walkabout! As soon as I open the car door to drop them off they sprint to the front door in anticipation of what's behind it - lots of other dogs to play with and a family that treats them as thier own. When I pick them up they are so tired that they can't even stay awake for the 10 minute drive home, and that's how I know they had a good time! Take your pup to Allie's, they will thank you!

    Allison, Ft. Wright, KY
  • October 16, 2013
    We've always had a great experience at Allie's! Our little Kiya is so comfortable there and I'm sure she loves just playing with other dogs all day! I'm so glad we found Allie's Walkabout!

    Aubrey, KY
  • October 16, 2013
    Tucker enjoyed his time with you.

    Evelyn S., Hebron, Kentucky
  • October 16, 2013
    Highly recommend this facility

    Jean G., Villa Hills, Ky
  • October 16, 2013
    I was very pleased with Allie's Walkabout. Dover enjoyed his stay and was very well taken care of. I would definitely take him back.

    Elizabeth, Kentucky
  • October 16, 2013
    I LOVE bringing Ruby to stay with you!! The fact that she becomes part of your family puts me at great ease while we are away from her. Needless to say, I am SURE it takes stress off of her too!! Thank you so much!!!

    Nanette P., Hebron, KY
  • October 16, 2013
    I love that you posted pictures while I'm out of town.

    Patty F., Cincinnati, Ohio
  • October 16, 2013
    I have boarded my Jack Russell mix at Allie's twice now, and she has been very well taken care of! I never have to worry about her not getting enough attention or exercise. Allie will often times post videos on the Walkabout Facebook page of the dogs playing and at times pictures as well. Allie and the rest of her family are a ton of fun and super easy to work with!

    John M., Union, KY
  • October 16, 2013
    Cassie had a great time. It was very comforting knowing we were leaving her with such a loving person.

    Christy B., Ft. Mitchell, KENTUCKY
  • October 16, 2013
    Trixie loved Staying at Allie's walkabout. She slept all the way home to Michigan.

    Nina, Michigan
  • October 16, 2013
    Allie's walkabout has kept my doodles on several occassions. I highly reccomend it and it will always be my first choice for my dogs when we have to leave them.

    Kim, Ohio
  • October 16, 2013
    Allie is the best! She treats my German Shepherd and Bassett/Beagle mix like family! They love it at Allie's and now I have more options to get away. I don't have to be concerned about how Sadie and Princess are doing while I"m away since I know they are having a blast with Allie and her family. I highly recommend Allie to care for families' pets while they are away. She really cares for animals!

    Sallie, Villa Hills, KY
  • October 16, 2013
    We found Allie's this past year and absolutely loved it. We have never seen our dog so happy when we picked her up. Not that other kennels treated her poorly, but we could see it was stressful for her. When we pick her up at Allie's, not only do we not see stress, we see a happy dog who almost doesn't want to leave! The whole family is wonderful and treats the dogs they take care of like their own. I recommend Allie's to everyone I know who has a dog that needs babysitting.

    Melissa, KY
  • October 16, 2013
    My husband and I were in a bind with finding someone to watch our golden retriever and Allie saved us from using a kennel. He had a great time there and was given plenty of love and attention. I would use Allie again in a heartbeat!

    Emily D., Cincinnati, Ohio
  • October 16, 2013
    Had a wonderful experience.

    Melissa, Kentucky
  • October 16, 2013
    My dogs are always well cared for by Allie and her family. I like knowing that they are in a home environment while I'm away, rather than some kennel. They're always excited when we go in, so I know they have a good time!

    Amanda, Newport, KY
  • October 16, 2013
    We are absolutely thrilled to have found you!! Scarlet jumps out of the car and pulls us to the door every time we drop her off. It also helps the kids (and me!!) not be as sad to be away from her knowing that she's being well cared for and loved on instead of being stuck in a kennel all day.

    Nicole, Hebron, Ky
  • October 14, 2013
    Allie's Walkabout was excellent. I was impressed by the way I signed up my dog online. It was quite professional. Jake had a blast and was exhausted when we brought him home. I really liked the atmosphere there. I highly recommend it! Marilyn

    Marilyn Stevens, Taylor Mill, KY
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